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„If Every Day Were Christmas“ is the result of a unique benefit project initiated by Adam Curry.

The song is a collaboration between 32 singers from 9 countries – a group collectively known as Podsafe for Peace – all brought together by the populist phenomenon of podcasting and the desire to pool their talents for a worthy cause. And few causes make more sense at Christmastime than UNICEF, which aids children in need around the world. The song was produced by Slau and co-written by Orlando Pagan.

Purchase „If Every Day Were Christmas“ for just $0.99 USD. All proceeds from sales of the song will be donated to UNICEF!

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If you’ve already purchased the song and would like to make a further donation, we encourage you to go directly to UNICEF.

Also: Kauft den Song, es lohnt sich und ihr tut etwas gutes! 🙂

„Podsafe For Peace“ im Podsafe Music Network
„Podsafe For Peace“ auf Podshow.com


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